Alluminium Vans


Externally plasticated light alloy box body (white).

Double-wing rear door opening through 270° (right to the side board).

Plywood panel stamped steel bottom support.

The Standard box body is engineered for assembly on our deck. It is therefore fully identical to the non-tipping Kangaroo one, thus versatile and interchangeable with our entire range of products. This achieves residual value when it comes to the set-up and vehicle used as a whole.


  • Rear mudguards
  • Side lights
  • Interior light
  • Rear step


  • Side door
  • Roof above cab
  • Internal wood coating with polystyrene in between
  • Available colours: red, blue, green, aluminium
  • Box bodies completely smooth on the outside
  • Spoiler
  • Special versions on request
  • Custom-made set-ups on request
  • Standard tool box