Loading deck and front panel structure in hot-dip galvanized steel coated with polyester powder paint.

Side and rear panels in anodized aluminium alloy, height 40 mm, with exclusively designed profile as an alternative to hot-dip galvanized steel panels coated with powder paints.

Exclusive design pillars, screwed and removable both at the front and rear so that they can be easily replaced. Overturning safety handle that only projects to a limited extent even in the open position, sliding components and internal slideways made of reinforced nylon and Teflon, self-lubricating for less wear, thus longer life. Smooth, intuitive operation. Double opening movement and linkage mechanism once the dead center has been passed. Male catch equipped with load safety device and female catch with anti-vibration mechanism complete with thrust spring with self-adjusting effect. Engineered for ladder rack assembling.

Engineered for cab protection and patented rear ladder racks.

Ladder rack and cab protection equipped with large bordered load fastening holes, protection in non-slip, wearproof co-extruded PVC with ergonomic shape to protect and safely support long and heavy loads.

Rear joint with double opening and manual release.

Load fastening and fixing mechanisms all over the set-up. Built in rings on the bed according to DIN 75410 standards.

Winches of a new type and technical design. Safety release with a generously sized handle and encased gear. Can accommodate load fastening straps by means of the slit in the rub rail.

Chromium plated lapped cylinder. The utmost in fade-free life for parts subject to wear. Able to withstand adverse weather conditions, thus rust. Engineered for installation of the patented constant speed lowering device on request.

Isolation switch. Safety fuse.

Push button panel with ergonomic spiral cable and mushroom-shaped emergency lock.

Emergency buzzer both inside and outside.

Engineered for installation of optional proximity sensors to detect obstructions when the truck backs up plus contemporaneous indication when the rear boards are open and after loose materials have been unloaded from the rear.

Antivibration Teflon plates on a secondary frame.

PVC tool box fastened by means of a die-cast aluminium drop-bar to prevent it from accidentally opening.


  • In bed integrated load lashing rings according to DIN 75410 standards
  • Automatically releasing rear panel during the rear tipping phase
  • Rear mudguards
  • Rear lights where required.


  • Front ladder rack
  • Removable rear ladder rack
  • Rear light guard
  • Rope stretching winches
  • Standard tool box
  • Sideboards to tip above and below